• Staging a small living/dining room and master bedroom: $1800-3500
  •  Staging a medium-large living/dining/family room, kitchen and master bedroom/ensuite: $4000-6000 (Note could be additional if a luxury property)
  •  Additional bedrooms: $250-650 each

What is home staging? 

Home staging is the process of preparing a home for sale to make it look its absolute best, maximizing its value by highlighting its key selling features. Unlike decorating/interior design where a home is designed to appeal to the home owner’s particular tastes, home staging will make the property appeal to the masses, and attract more prospective buyers.

  • Vacant Properties:

Home Staging Process

  • Occupied Consultation:  We will tour your property and provide recommendations from floor to ceiling, room by room, on what will maximize the value of each space.  The consultation will include recommendations on decluttering, repairs, paint colours if applicable, minor to major updates necessary, and recommendations on whether or not additional accessories or furniture would enhance the value.  A full detailed report is then provided within 24 hours including all of these recommendations, in addition to a proposal for a staging strategy and associated costs. This consultation will take roughly 1.5-2 hours. 
  • Vacant Consultation:  We will visit the property to take photos and measurements and discuss potential staging design plan.  Any additional recommendations on paint colours, recommended repairs or updates will be provided. A proposal is then provided within 24 hours.
  • Proposal: Once the consultation is complete, a formal proposal will be provided based on the recommendations discussed. If requested, 2-3 options can be provided.  If a specific budget is provided, the proposal will outline the optimal plan to fit that budget. Once the client agrees to the proposal, they will be required to sign a simple agreement.
  • Deposit: In order to book the staging date, a 50% deposit is required with the balance​ due on staging day.
  • Planning: Once a deposit is received, the staging date is booked, including any relevant bookings (delivery truck, elevator reservation, etc.).  The furniture and accessories are sourced and prepared for transportation.
  • Staging Day: Staging typically takes one day, sometimes only a few hours, assuming all recommendations, decluttering, and instructions have been executed that were outlined in the consultation report. This does not include 3rd party trades, e.g. painters, handymen, etc.)
  • Destaging: Once the property has sold, destaging (removal of any furniture/accessories) will be scheduled. This must be completed by the month-end of the contract.
  • Renewals: In some rare cases, a property owner may need to extend the rentals of accessories and furniture beyond one month.  The cost for month 2 is always provided in the initial proposal. It normally works out to approximately 55-65% of the first month as the renewal is only of the rentals, and a 20% discount is applied to the rental rate.


Statistics on results generated from properties staged by SpaceStyle up until December 2019.

  • 51% of Properties sold OVER ASKING
  • 81% of Properties sold for 98% of asking or more
  • 52% of Properties sold in less than 1 week
  • Average Days on Market: 13​​

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Benefits of home staging

  • A property/home is usually a home-owner’s single most valuable asset—by investing in taking it to its full potential, you will maximize your return on selling that asset.
  • A staged home will look better in photos and attract more buyers, leading to a faster sale and higher chance of multiple offers at close to/over asking price.
  • A staged home will spend less time on the market, thereby lowering the seller’s carrying costs (e.g. property taxes, insurance, maintenance, utilities, condo fees if applicable, etc.).
  • Other real estate agents are more likely to show the property to their clients if it shows well and looks move-in ready
  • For occupied properties, a staging consultation provides an objective opinion about the property, and staging will help to ensure the property appeals to the target buyer. The key is to neutralize the property so that it appeals to as many people as possible.
  • For vacant properties that would otherwise feel empty, staging creates an inviting atmosphere and makes a property feel more like a home. It helps the prospective buyer to visualize living in the property. In addition, empty rooms tend to look smaller when they are not furnished.
  • Decluttering will make it easier to pack after selling, and working with a stager will give ideas on how to set up your space in your next property.

Staging Fees 

The cost of staging varies very widely depending on the property’s size, layout, location, price, condition, target buyer, etc. Within each scenario, basic staging vs. luxury staging can be accomplished. For a rough estimate for staging your property, please CLICK HERE
Here is a rough idea of costs for a few common scenarios:​

Consultations Fees

  • Occupied Properties: $325 for up to a 2-hour consultation, including written report and proposal
  • Vacant Properties: $150 to view the property, provide verbal recommendations and proposal, refundable if property is staged.
  • Realtors: please contact for Special Pricing
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Home Staging Services

  • Minimum Charge, working only with what the client has in the property: $600, does not include heavy furniture moving (additional min. $150)
  • Staging with homeowner’s furniture and bringing in some accessories only to enhance: $1000-2500
  •  Bringing in some furniture and accessories: $1500-4500
  • Occupied Properties:

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