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Organizing Services

The Process

  • The Consultation: SpaceStyle will meet you in your home for up to 2 hours to discuss the challenges you are facing, and assess the areas of interest. We will look at what's working and what isn't, and develop a vision for each space, and make recommendations on how to get you there.
  • The Plan: SpaceStyle will develop a plan and schedule that will address each area of concern.
  • The Sort: SpaceStyle will work with you to navigate through all of the belongings in the target space, and sort them. This may involve deciding to purge some items through selling, donating or discarding.  Any remaining items will then be organized, and each space will be transformed into an organized, functioning and stylish space that will meet your needs.
  • The Follow-up: Of course we won't work our magic and then abandon you! We will schedule a follow up visit to ensure that the systems that we implemented are working for you and make any adjustments necessary.

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Why you Might Need an Organizer

Hiring an organizer doesn't mean you are disorganized. It means that "life happens". It might mean that, like many people, you don't have the time or motivation to get organized, and the result is that you live and/or work in a stressful environment, which creates barriers to happiness and success. You may have recently (or even years ago), experienced a life event that has caused you to accumulate "stuff" and you aren't sure how to tackle it. Common events that may leave you in such a situation are marriage (merging of households and possessions), birth of children, moving, downsizing, starting a home-based business, divorce/separation, or the death or incapacitation of a family member. The good news is that it's never too late to get organized. 

With our professional organizing services, our goal is to help you navigate through your clutter, determine what is truly essential in your life, and set your space up with style and function. The Style is key because if you love the way your space looks, you will be more motivated to maintain order. By removing your physical clutter, we are making space in your world for easy living, so you can enjoy the things that matter most. 



  • Consultation fee: $325 for up to 2 hours. 
  • Organizing fees: After the initial consultation, organizing services are billed based on an hourly rate of $85, as each client is unique. For larger projects we can bring in a team of organizers at an additional $50/hr for each organizer. A minimum of 3 hours is required per organizing session. Packages are available at discounted rates as follows: 10 Hours for $80/hr, 20 Hours for $75/hr, 30 Hours for $70/hr.  Packages must be purchased in full up front to secure the discounted rates and are non-refundable.  
  • Packing fees (for moving): The same rates apply for packing and organizing, however, a $100 consultation fee would be applied to do a walk-through of the property to do an assessment and determine a plan for packing/moving.  A full organizing consultation is not necessary. Movers can be arranged through SpaceStyle as well, at an additional cost.